Alaska Immigration brings you an opportunity to excel in your PTE exam, and also helps in mproving your ENGLISH fluency under our expert trainers.

PTE test is an English proficiency test accepted by many Universities around the globe. It is a computer-based exam that measures a candidate’s effective understanding of the English language.

The PTE-Academic test is for both higher education and permanent residency. There are two types of tests, paper-based and the other Computer-based. There are several test dates each month that can be easily selected based on availability.

You can take as many exams as you want until you reach the scores you want and the PTE result is valid for 2 years.


  • Easily migrate abroad
  • Widely accepted in Australian, New Zealand, Ireland and some Canadian institutions
  • All four modules are covered in a single 3 hour period
  • Also for students who want to study abroad
  • Results in 5 Working Days
  • Computer-based exam format


The total duration of this module is 32-41 minutes. There are several short questions where comprehension, synonyms, and grammar play a major role in solving the questions.


The total duration of this module is 40-70 minutes. It has only two questions, the Written Summary test and the Essay.


The total duration of this module is 45-57 minutes. It consists of 8 questions in which spelling and Singular & Plural play an important role in scoring.


The total duration of this module is 30-35 minutes. It has 5 questions in total and this module highly scoring among all the modules. Fluency and pronunciation are very important in PTE SPEAKING.